Adult Softball Rules

When registering a team, the deposit must be paid in order to be placed on the schedule, and the balance is due before the first pitch.

8 Players on the field (Minimum 7 players needed to play)
12 Players may hit.
For Co-Ed Leagues and Tournaments:  3 Women must play in the field each inning.   3 Women must hit in the lineup (10 Max Hitting / Must go Man/Woman/Man/Woman/etc and must bat at the top of the order (can not put all female hitters at the bottom of the lineup).

All  League Games AND Tournament Knock Out games are on a 35 Minute Time Limit – when the clock hits 0:00 – that will be the last full inning played.
All Tournament Round Robin Games are on a 30 Minute Time Limit – when the clock hits 0:00 – that will be the last full inning played.

The official ball of Apex Adult Softball is the Easton Incrediball 12″.  All teams will be provided with two balls (League) or one ball (Tournament) when they check in.

Teams must play with Pitcher, Catcher, 4 infielders, and 2 outfielders.  Outfielders must remain behind the “outfield” line until the ball is hit.
For tournament play – no teams may use guest players from any other team in the tournament.

Pitching Rules: 
5-10′ – No Juking

All at bats will start with a 1-1 count.  (Leagues=1 Free Foul / Tournaments = No Free Foul)

Ball in Play:

Ball is in play if it hits anywhere in fair territory including the walls, side netting and ceiling netting with these exceptions:
If it hits the beam above home plate or above the pitcher = Foul Ball
If it hits in the bench/scorekeeper area = Single
If it hits the high wood sponsor area (outfield fence) in the air = Double
If it goes into the soccer goal in the outfield = Triple
If it goes above the outfield fence/sponsor area = Home Run

Base Running:

Runners may over run 2nd base just like 1st Base – but if the runner makes a turn towards 3rd, he is in play.

The Players’ Equipment


The Ball: The official softball for Apex Adult Softball is the Easton 12″ Yellow Incrediball Training Softball.   Each registered team will receive:  League = 2 Balls.  Tournament = 1 Ball.

Shoes: Indoor flats, turf shoes, or gym shoes are permitted. No cleats or spikes of any kind are permitted on the playing field. Players with inappropriate shoes will not be permitted to participate.

Pre Game/Warm-Up:   Hitting tunnels will be available for teams to throw/ hit for warm-up.  They will open 30 minutes before the first scheduled game. Teams playing next have first priority in the warm-up tunnels.

Protests: There are no protests.  The umpire will have the final decision.

The Season:

Standings:  Standings will be posted on the website.  

Game Schedule & Make-up Games

Final Round Games/End of Season:

Forfeits/No Shows: Teams who do not have enough players to start a game (7) at the scheduled time will immediately give the opposing team 2 runs and 2 more runs for every minute up to 10 minutes.   After 10 minutes the game will be forfeited. All forfeits will result in a 20-0 loss recorded as the games’ result.  (Teams may borrow players from another team if the opponent agrees to it).

If a team forfeits a game, they will owe $50 before they are allowed to play in their next game.

Inclement Weather Policy: Every reasonable effort will be made to play games as originally scheduled. We will take many factors into consideration when determining if closures are necessary due to severe weather. While school or other business closures are one of those factors, those closures DO NOT necessarily indicate Apex’s status. (7am weather conditions are often far different from 4pm weather conditions).

Weather closure information will be posted on the main page of our website and we will try to email every player/parent registered for games that may be postponed because of weather.   Every effort will be made to communicate open/closed details on severe weather days 2 hours prior to the first pitch.