Soccer FAQ
What’s the schedule? When will my division play?
Because our league play calendar is so full, we cannot give exact times until team registration is complete. While we have an estimated schedule in mind, it’s always subject to change based on overall registration numbers in each division. Rest assured that while trying to balance a schedule for over 100 teams, we are still trying to make sure we do what makes sense for YOUR team. (Your 7 year old, for example, isn’t going to have a 9pm kickoff!) We do all we can to keep schedules consistent so our families and teams know what to expect. You CAN call the office at 567-712-7175 to get a general idea of when we EXPECT your age group and division to have their games, but PLEASE understand this is always subject to change!

Will my child’s team have practices?
League registration includes games only. We welcome practice rental requests, and teams registered for league play get a discounted rental rate! Because our schedule fills so quickly (and fully) with league play, we can never guarantee the availability of practice rentals for your team. For the best chance of booking a time, call us as far in advance as possible, and try to pick dates BEFORE the start of a session. It’s a great way to get your players ready for the fast paced high scoring play of indoor again!

Our Division starts in 4 days… Why isn’t the schedule up yet?
We promise that the first week’s games of each session will be posted no later than 48 hours prior to kickoff. Sometimes, we have teams or players registering or adding at the last minute, so we would much rather post a complete schedule for the opening round 48 hours out, then post it earlier and have to make a bunch of changes. It’s for a similar reason that we only put up week 1 at first… if a team adds to the division late, we don’t want to have to change your entire 7 week schedule. After we get through the first week of games, the remaining weeks will all be posted so you can plan ahead.

How do I register?
If you part of a team, please have your coach/team contact register your entire team. Your coach/team contact will register and pay for the entire team at one time. You will then work out the payment details with your coach/team contact. Apex will only accept one payment per team.

If you are not part of a team, you can register by mail or online.

How do I register a team?
If you are the coach/team contact, please use our “Team Registration Form”. The team registration form must be received by the deadline date, which is 7 days before the start of a session. All team registration forms must be mailed or dropped off at Apex Sports Zone and must include at least $100 as a team deposit. In order for your team to be included on the Week 1 schedule, we must have names, emails and signatures for every player and at least the first $100.

What age group/division do I sign my son or daughter up for?
We have an age group chart you can view here:
(Click the image to make it bigger)