This session starts the week of March 20 and will run for 6 weeks. Each team will play a minimum of one game per week on Wednesday evenings.

Please Note:  All Game Days listed are tentative.   We will accept scheduling requests and will do everything we can to make sure that all teams are able to play.

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More League Information:

You can register with a team.
Teams are 12 players per roster.

Adults – 6v6
Games will tentatively be on Wednesday Evenings
Team Fees:   $450


Apex Sports Zone Volleyball Rules:

Apex Adult Volleyball will follow NSAA High School Rules.


Court Size:  30′ x 60′   Net Height:  8′

Ball is dead if it hits any object other than a player on court or net.  Will result in point for other team  i.e. ceiling, lights

Six players are to be on the court at one time.  Team must have a minimum of 4 players to start the game.  Each team has 5 minutes after the game starts to have the minimum of 4 players or it will result in a forfeit.

Scoring:  Rally Scoring will be used:  Games will be played to 25, win by 2 with a best of 3 games series.

Rosters:  Players must be on team official roster before they can play.  All players must be 18 or older to participate in the adult volleyball league.