Shooting Gun Rentals

  • Fire up to 1800 shots per hour
  • 10 Pre-Programmed Shooting Drills and program up to 25 of your favorite shooting drills on the guns memory feature.
  • Shooting Accuracy Button to challenge the best shooters.  This will require shots to be MADE at a specific location before moving to the next spot.
    This allows you to focus on successful repetition vs just getting 500 shots in.
  • Spot to Spot Shooting – just touch where you want the balls to be passed.  Shoot 1-999 shots per spot and select the number of shots per spot before moving to next spot.
  • Increase Arch – increase players arch to 45 degrees and get a 44% increase in target size
  • Timing Device to determine the distance and the speed of your return passes… thus creating situations where players can develop their shooting skills off the move and with game like intensity.   Select the time delay between each pass… Any beginner or advanced shooter can now easily practice quick release shots or shots off the dribble with the push of a button.
  • Countdown Lights – lets the players know when the next ball is going to be fired.
  • Fast Action Shooting – passer keeps players moving and catching, shooting and moving to next spot.
  • Swivels to deliver full perimeter shooting – Fires balls in the direction it is pointing or it can rotate from corner to corner, 180 degrees, throwing up to 9 balls around the perimeter.
  • Balls are provided
  • 30 Minutes is only $30.  60 Minutes is only $45.

Complete the registration form and payment and we will email you a confirmation.

Shooting Gun Rental 

All shooting gun rentals MUST use this form before renting. We recommend that you reserve at least 24 hours prior to the rental however we may be able to accommodate last minute requests. You do NOT have to call us to rent - pick your day and time and if it does NOT work in our schedule, someone from our staff will contact you to reschedule or refund if needed.   

You MUST complete payment or we do not receive the rental form.  Thank you!