• 4 players per team
  • Game lasts 5 innings or 55 minutes. No inning shall be started after 55 minutes.
  • 6 week season with last season being the playoff game for each team.
  • Coin flip will determine who is home and who is away.
  • The HOME team will not bat if time has expired and they have already won the game.
  • Ties will result in one extra inning with one batter receiving one swing and the best score wins. (coaches may select any batter to bat)
  • Each player receives 5 swings. Player must swing once out of two pitches.
  • Each swing receives a number of points based off of where the ball first hits in the designated scoring areas (see scoring system). Each batter on the team gets 5 swings and all 4 batters bat per inning. The total number of points will be tallied and scored per inning. Team with the most points after 6 innings wins.
  • An Umpire will be provided each game to keep score.
  • No Bunting.
  • A set batting order must be determined before the start of the game.
  • Participants are required to bring their own legal equipment. (Batting helmet, bat, appropriate shoes-no spikes)
  • Helmets must be worn at all times, not helmet no score.
  • Teams will be required to provide a coach to feed the pitching machine.
  • Once bucket of balls is emptied both teams are asked to help collect the balls as time will continue to run.
  • Throwing of bats or helmets or use of foul language will result in immediate forfeit of the game.
  • Warm up: First inning each player will receive three warm up swings before their at-bat. The following innings they will receive one warm up swing.

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